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14 Reasons Why You Should Use Telegram Messanger Application

1-Cross platform support
One of the best feature of Telegram that other messengers turn a blind eye to is that Telegram support every major platform from Android to iOS, Windows Phone, Windows, Mac, Web, Linux etc. All app on every platform is updated regularly.


2- Secret Chats
Telegram provides a feature known as ‘Secret Chat’ which according to them is the most secure way to communicate. The messages sent through Secret Chat are end to end encrypted. These messages are not stored on Telegram servers. You can set a self-destruct timing for your messages. Secret chat doesn’t allow the other personto take a screenshot of your chat nor does it allow message forwarding.

3-Pinned Messages
How many times has it happened that an important message is posted on a groupand you miss it as the chat gets crowded with follow up messages Pin message lets the admins pin important message at the top. It also gives an option to notify every member if they have muted the group.


Telegram gives you the freedom to converse in a group with up to 5000 members. Supergroups can bea great alternative to forums. Converting a normal group to supergroup is very easy. Go to Group’s info > Tap on the threedots in the upper right corner> Select Convert to supergroup. It also lets you create a custom link which you can share to let others join your group. Bots like Group Butler let you control groups and add more productivity.


Telegram is one of the first messengers to introduce bots on its platform. The bot can teach, play, search, broadcast, remind, connect, integrate with other services, or even pass commands to the Internet of Things. You can find many interesting bot options on Storebot. You can also create your own bot with the help ofBotFatherandManybot.


Stickers are a great alternative to emojis. Stickers on Telegram are of high quality made by professionals. You can create your own sticker pack or use from the ones created by Telegram. Trendingstickers can be found on sticker panel or Settings > Stickers > Trending Stickers.


Channels are a great way to broadcast your message to a large audience. Creating a channel is as easy as creating a group. Every message posted on a channel has view counter and an individual shareable link. You can increase your channel audience by submitting the channel onTchannels.


Another great feature to express more with fewer words. GIFs on Telegram are 20x faster and use 95% less disk space thanks to the encoding done in mpeg4 format. To send GIFs, type @gif<space>search term and select the GIF of your choice. Tap on GIFs in chats (long tap on iOS) and ‘Save’ to add themto the GIF tab. You can also create your own GIFs by simply recording a video in Telegram and tapping the “mute” button to share it as a GIF.


10-Edit Messages
Typos are yesterday. Welcometo edit messages. Now you don’t have to use ‘*message‘ whenever you do typos. Telegram lets you edit sent messages. Edited messages will contain a small ‘edited’ label at the end of the message so that it is easy to distinguish edited and non-edited message. Messages sent in last 48 hours can be edited.

11-Picture In Picture
Want to continue chatting while watching a YouTube video? Picture-In-Picture lets you chat and watch YouTube videos at the same time. It shrinks the screen to a smallersize which you can drag anywhere. As of now only Youtube and Vimeo links work with Picture-in-Picture.


Last year Telegram pushed the boundaries further by launching a bot-powered Gaming Platform on Telegram.Games with sound and graphics can be played inside the app. New and interesting games can be found on @gamee. You can also@gameebot inline in any group to compete with your friends. All your high scores are saved across all your chats.

13-Pin Chats
With personal chats, channels,and bots your chat screen canbecome a bit messy. Scrolling all the way down just to find the chat can be a painful job. With Pin Chats, important chats can be pinned at the top. The limitation of pinned chats as of now is 5.


14-Instant View
Remember the Instant Article by Facebook? Instant View works the same way with zero page load time. As of now, articles from Medium, TechCrunch, and Telegraph work with Instant View with a promise to add more in the future.


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