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[A MUST READ] 5 Warning Signs That Prove You Are Wasting Your Life

A lot of people have ended up their lives in vain without achieving anything. This vanity is not a day event but a compilation of their thoughts and actions throughout their lives.

Am I actually doing the right thing? is the question that should come to your mind. Therefore, I have decided to write this article to give you the answer to your question.


What is your goal in life? Everybody says “I want to become a doctor,nurse,accountant,engineer,lawyer..”. Have you asked yourself the question “What do I want to become?”. If yes, have you come to a conclusion?. My article on “4 important questions to ask yourself before choosing a course” is the perfect guide to help you choose the right course.

What to do : Make the right decision today, nobody is too young to dream.

Well done is better that well said. Dreams are not fulfilled until they become a reality. Your wish to become a doctor does not make you a doctor. You should be focused, determined and work hard towards achieving your goal.

What to do: Work towards your goal, don’t rest until you achieve it.


Social media has taken up the time of most people. If you spend the lion’s share of your time on your Facebook or Instagram timeline, liking and commenting on other people’s post, you are wasting your time.

Ask yourself “What do I stand to lose if I don’t use my social media accounts? ” Nothing!. What have I gained by using my social media accounts?

Nothing!. If one or both of your answers is the same as mine, then I see no reason why you should spend most of your time on it.

What to do: Manage your time well, spend little or no time on social media.

The habit of postponing what should be done is a true sign that you are wasting your life. If you have goals and you procrastinate, you will end up with nothing. However, if you have goal and take action, you will have anything you want. Procrastination will only make easier tasks hard and hard ones harder.

What to do: Start taking actions today and avoid procrastination.


If you are spending your time trying to be like others, you begin to lose your real self. This is self-betrayal and it is the worst form of betrayal. What you have in you is enough to take you to greater heights than that of whom you are living to become.

What to do: Live your own life and take responsibility for it.

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