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Amara Kanu: Fitness expert talks motherhood, staying fit, being a footballer's wife

Amara Kanu

Releasing a fitness book; 'Healthy Living', advocating for wellbeing and more Amara Kanu talks marriage to an iconic ex-footballer, being a mum and staying fab while at it….

Amara Kanu dishes on motherhood in a recent interview with Pulse TV. The mother of three and wife of ex-footballer Kanu Nwankwo dished on her secrets to staying young and maintaining a size 10 even after three kids.

The fitness and wellness expert who got a jolt after her husband (ex-Super Eagles player Kanu Nwankwo) had another open heart surgery to improve on general wellbeing  and health in the family.

Kanu went on to show ladies especially how to stay in shape by training selected clients over the years.

The toned mum of three who has "supported my husband for the past 13 years as a stay-at-home mum" only recently released a book 'Healthy Living' documenting general wellbeing in form of a 30-day fitness guide shares how to get started on a healthier journey and more.


She sat down recently at the Pulse Studio to talk about motherhood, being married to a former professional footballer, staying in fab shape and keeping it all together.

On becoming an author/writing a book

I don't think there was a certain point. I have been married to someone who is into fitness and health for a long time. I have developed some lifestyle habits I use to take care of myself, my kids and other ladies around me, so I just decided to pen it down and help others with it.

Three years ago, I went through a difficult time in my life, my husband had a second open heart surgery and coming back from that, I had to be mentally okay and exercise not only for looking fit and healthy. It helps your wellbeing as well. If you're okay mentally you can help anyone around you.

So I learn a lot of lessons then and decided to keep my mental wellbeing fit.

On creating a balance for the kids? Do they indulge in sweet treats or eat healthy?

Everything is in moderation. If children want sweet things, they have their set time for sweet things but on a general level, I like to keep healthy things in the house so when they are hungry and wanna snack, they have something not to savoury to nibble on.

I preach it everyday and the kids already know how to pick the right food. It's more of a lifestyle.

On what meal time looks like in the family

Because we are very busy (my kids play football, my daughter plays tennis and I train other ladies) we tend to eat on the go a lot so we spend a lot of Sundays preparing a lot of meals (our taste buds are used to our Nigerian foods and these take time so we prepare a lot of these) other times fruits.

What's the Kanu family like? How do the kids relate with you?

The kids see me as a very fun mum, maybe because our age is really close. When I finished my book, I showed them first and they jubilated with me. As a mum I'm very approachable and like to tell them they can do whatever they want to do and they can come to me to talk about anything. Growing up some people won't like that one on one contact with their kids but I'm there for them, if I don't who will? I do that now so when they get older they can give others love.


On what her daily schedule looks like

I travel a lot but when I'm not, I spend my spare time with my husband, my family and I make sure it counts. We stay together and catch up on things. I make sure we have something we call 'Happy Hour'. At a very young age I learnt stress management because I realize that I choose life and life is good and if you don't spend life with the people you love then what are you chasing?

On staying trim after three kids

Every woman is different in shape size and body mass index so it depends on what works for you but largely what you eat and exercise make a lot of different. I eat healthy and the kids do to.

What you eat shows, it's not just about physical exercise but limit portions, you need accountability as well to stay fit.

The fitness expert reveals having her husband's support even now that he's retired to do what she loves most; helping people stay fit and doing her book signing rounds as an author.

Read her top five tips for a healthier lifestyle here.

Watch her interview in the gallery above.

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