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She Constantly Ignored His DM On Instagram For 3years! Now They Are Married

Who says you can’t slide into the DM you loved from afar?
The power of social media is really working like magic.
Olawande and Olanrewaju’s love story is a testimony – they started from Instagram.

Olawande had been ignoring olanrewaju messages for 3 years before she finally gave in. The spirit of persistence and consistency paved way for olanrewaju because he never dared gave up on his soul mate.

“Olanrewaju and I met on Instagram 3years ago.” says oleander the bride. ” He had been sending me messages in Instagram which I constantly ignored for three years. I was a little reluctant initially because I hardly chat with strangers, it always felt like a waste of time.

“Then in 2015, his perseverance made me reply his message, and that was how the connection started.
When I finally met him for the first time, I fell in love with him because the way he looked at me was priceless.

“Right there I knew I couldn’t trade him for anything else. On my birthday in September 2016, he popped the question and I said Yes.
Here we are today happily married. “



By Airforce1>>>>This is not true Love
I bet she gave in because her main guy disappointed her.
The main guy could still pop up from no where sometimes in future and still confuse her into continuing from where they stopped.

Saintsammurai>>>>In that three years, another guy was constantly having sex with her…
Who will wait for a lady for even a week in this era…?

Lefulefu>>>>>probably the main guy she was having the hots for and she was expecting to propose to her disappointed her.hence she had to take on the next available guy.anyway happy married life to them.




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