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Exposed: Lagos Jungle Where Men & Women Offer Oral, Anal S*x For Money

This is an interesting expose on the secret s*xual activities going on in the suburbs of Lagos in exchange for money.

A night out in a notorious jungle called Agbole in Ejigbo area of Lagos has revealed illicit and criminal activities going on there as those in the jungle offers three kinds of s*x to clients.

They are namely oral, anal and normal s*x by both men and women who are s*x workers who compete among themselves for customers daily.

It also seem the residents and the security agents have given up and allowed them to operate unabated due to the violent nature of the patrons and workers who are mainly suspected criminals.

A correspondent gathered that while the Police in the area referred the place a black spot, the helpless residents called it the nemesis.

P.M.EXPRESS reports that apart from illegal activities taking place there, such as illicit drugs dealing, charm procurement, fake native doctor abode, cult activities, the jungle also serves as take off base to robbers for operations in Lagos State and beyond.

The climax of Agbole, P.M.EXPRESS findings showed that it offers three kinds of s*x to the numerous clients that troop there for patronage in the evening till early morning before they go to sleep.

Such s*x services are anal, oral and v*ginal and they are offered by both men and women s*x workers comprising mainly students of high institutions operating there.

One of the patrons simply known as Bright told a correspondent why Agbole, though a jungle has its uniqueness. He explained that the issue of s*x satisfaction differs and both the young men and women workers there, offer such services to clients with different s*xual behaviours.

He said it was so because, there are men who will not like to have s*xual contact with women, (sodomy), he said the male workers close the gab and are always ready to satisfy such men.

And so with women who don’t like men otherwise known as lesbians. Bright also said there are men and women who derive satisfaction through MouthAction, he said there are set of both men and women s*x workers who are there to render such service for a fee.

He then explained that there are normal s*x and there are enough young girls and women who come to the place to compete every evening.

Police sources told a correspondent that the police knew that the place existed and they do not know how to handle it yet.

The source also said the police have raided the place in the past and recovered assorted weapons and arrested some suspected armed robbers and at the end, the criminals returned there.

It was learnt that some of the residents who contacted the police paid dearly as they were identified and killed, thus the residents are now helpless. On the possibility of contracting diseases such HIV, STD and others, Bright said there are native doctors there who prepare concoctions which the patrons usually drink which they call washing and setting and it will clear any infections.

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