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IPOB: Olu Gut Letter To Nnamdi “Cownu”

Dear Nnamdi Kanu (Cownu) am writting to you as a concerned Nigerian.

Cownu in my opinion the enemy of Ndigbo is Ndigbo itself. Recall Jonathan regime, how many minister do we have from the South South and south East, choice position, what do they do, they were busy looting our common wealth, diverting billions of naira into their accounts home and abroad, today someone is calling for a Biafra nation. Who is to blame? Who is marginalizing the igbos? If you Kanu becomes Nigeria president tomorrow, will there be any difference I am sure your own people will be further marginalized.

I have a different opinion though, I have followed you for a while, your press conference, the interview sessions and I am not convinced that your agenda is truly for a Biafra interest. Otherwise you won’t make a clarion call asking your own people not to exercise their right to vote or be voted for, you can go about this in a different way altogether, we saw the one day sit at home and it was a huge success, but how sustainable is it, given that your people must eat, must buy and sell and must go to schools If you are sincere, call your people together first, the young and the old, here what they collectively want, seek the opinions of the traditional ruler in your kingdom, seek the opinion of the elites, the scholars, the artisans the market women, seek opinion from all works of life, let your own people decide what they want for themselves  and not from your selfish point that can plunge this nation into another civil war, wanton destruction of life and properties. Never again must we allow this to ever happen again, if Nigeria will break, it will be a collective decisions by all regions in this country and of course we are sure that this country will not break, it will go forward and make progress in thecommittee of nations.

God bless our country Nigeria and all its inhabitant.

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