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's president blasts Trump over threats to cancel Nuclear deal

Iran’s president blasts Trump over threats to cancel Nuclear deal

On Friday night, US president, Donald Trump held a press conference where he threatened to withdraw from Iran’s Nuclear deal if the U.S congress doesn’t make corrections and adjustments to the accord. 

The 10 year Nuclear deal formed by the Obama Administration, ensures that Iran stops its Nuclear program for grants and aids from the U.S government, but Trump says the deal is the most ‘one sided deal he’s ever seen’ and believes Iran is the only beneficiary from the deal.

Trump also claimed in his speech that Iran hasn’t been complying with their own part of the agreement but IAEA, the UN nuclear watchdog that monitors nuclear programs, says  that Tehran has been complying with its obligations under the deal.


ran’s President Hassan Rouhani,  made a live address saying that the US President could not decide the fate of the deal on his own as the deal was agreed with the UN Security Council not just the United States.


“This is an international, multilateral deal that has been ratified by the UN Security Council. It is a UN document. Is it possible for a President to unilaterally decertify this deal? Apparently, he’s not in the know.”


He said aggressively : “What we heard tonight was a repeat of the same baseless accusations and insults that we’ve heard over the past 40 years. It had nothing new; we weren’t surprised because for 40 years we’ve got used to these words. With your baseless speech you made our people more united.”


Rouhani went on: “Today, the US is more isolated than ever against the nuclear deal, [more] isolated than any other time in its plots against people of Iran.”


The Iranian president shrugged off Trump’s call for Iran to stop it’s ballistic missile programme.


“Our missile and defence activities have always been important to us for our defence, and today it’s more important,” Rouhani said. “We have always made efforts to produce weapons that we need, and from now on we will double our efforts. These weapons are for our defence and we will continue strengthening our defence capabilities.”


Trump in his speech refered to the Perisian gulf as the Arabian gulf to which Rouhani blasted him further .


“How come a president has not yet learned the name of a famous gulf in the world, the same Persian Gulf that US vessels always pass through aimlessly?”


“He needs to study geography, but also international law. How come an international agreement that is endorsed by a UN resolution, which is a UN document … how a US president can annul such an international document?”


Trump received rapid support, meanwhile, from Israel and Saudi Arabia.


Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, said  “ I congratulate President Trump for his courageous decision today” and for “boldly confront[ing] Iran’s terrorist regime”.

‘s president blasts Trump over threats to cancel Nuclear deal

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