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Must See: The 6 Reasons Why Oladips May Remain Upcoming Throughout His Musical Career

Their is one crucial aspect of art be it music, comedy literature, painting etc. That which is delivery; how you do what you do.

They say a nice cup gives a good impression even though the tea has not been tasted. We will take a look at six tactics every musician must employ to enhance his presentability to the audience. That which oladips has none.

1. Record label

Why do you think artists like Adekunle Gold makes his way to stardom so rapid after his signing? We cannot build it all around the uniqueness of his music but more emphasis should he laid on his recor label. Oladips needs a better label that can bring out the fire on his tongue and the beauty of his rap. He needs a better connectivity with the audience and only a good label with effective managerial skills can get him that.

2. Branding

Oladips is a very talented rapper and if you are very conversant with his delivery, you will see message deep rooted in punchlines and rhrunningsverses. But almost all his songs tell how rough and dark his past was. And most times audience get so irritated and tired of ‘story
of my life’. I once overheard someone say he looks inside the gutter every time he walks by the road in case he will find any upcoming artist because they all claim to come from there. We are tired of his story, he needs to brand himself by releasing some street hits. He needs to connect to the world.

3. Hyping

If you don’t hype yourself, who will? This guy needs to get more connected with social medias and the internet. He needs to work on his publicity, broadcast and public awareness.

4. Orderliness

You cannot run out of inspirations and songs. We know that but learn from artists like Olamide, his early days in the music industry was steamed with consistency that one wonders if he had a music bank, likewise wizkid. But these guys followed a sequential pattern. Don’t choke audience with tracks we wouldn’t even know about. One track at a time. Let us make do with one before you hit us with another.

5. Maturity

I’m a fine of pretty punchlines but Oladips’ lyrics are somehow wack and immature. I listen to lil kesh a lot and even with his vulgarity and loose lines, he is able to capture my heart with mature lines that sometimes makes me quiver. I always marvel at his play on words and atimes wonder if he was once a poet. Oladips needs to grow his words and blend them with audience expectation. He has been in the industry for quite sometimes now.

6. Song writing

To be factual and realistic, most if not all of Oladips’ songs to me sound like freestyles. Like he just played with the mic. Whoever writes his songs for him needs a jail term if not ‘death by hanging’. He is ruining his career with bad choruses. I think it’s high time this guy gets himself a wonderful songwriter or collaborate with nice vocalists in the industry. The power of your song lies more within the melody, depth and delivery pattern of your chorus. One reason why ‘see
you again’ by Wiz khalifa and Charlie puth remains on everyone’s playlist.

The world needs professionals, not talented immature kids like Oladips has claimed to be. Hardwork beats talent if talent doesn’t work hard. Only if Oladips will understand what the word ‘hardwork’ technically means.

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