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Now That NYSC Is A Done Deal, What Next?????

Deal Done!!! After Youth Service WHAT NEXT

To avoid being on the negative side of Nigeria situation after service year, there are some things you need to keep your self doing, which brings about the question, What next after service year?

Nigerian Youth Corpers


For the first few months after service, most will remain very idle and will have nothing doing. These first few months can be used in personal development of one’s self. Mentally, Physically, and in all ramification. Pick a skill and learn more about it, Pick up the books you have been procrastinating to read and read up. There are various books out there that can be used to develop yourself. From inspirational to spiritual to business and lots more. If already you have what you good at, you can as well develop on it.


Sounds awkward to the ears of someone that just finished service, right? As for me, it doesn’t. Learning a trade after NYSC does not deprive you of your integrity or speaks less of you. If you check the background of some of the top rice people in your locality or Nigeria at large, you will find out that they were into trade before they started making millions out of it. Learning a trade is not something to look down on, but an avenue to increase financially. It may be tiring and discouraging for some while after you start, but like the saying “Good things don’t come easily”, so while learning a trade also learn to also have an enduring spiritual.


Start up that dream business you have been nursing for long. Ben (surname withheld) did his service at NNPC towers Abuja, a very good place if you must ask me, a lot of connections and opportunities. Every month he got his “alawee” as popularly called amongst corp members, he bought clothes and shoes bags and fancy wrist watches just because he believed he needed to impress the other workers. Wrong motive I say because today he’s going through fasting and prayer just to get a job. While Daniel (Surname Withheld ) did his at a certain Ondo company, not well known and he even had issues with some months payments, but he saved up half of his allowance monthly and now he has his own functioning business. The difference between Ben and Daniel is that Daniel had a good plan laid down and a way of saving up to finance that plan from the general #19,800 all corp members receive monthly which he used to execute his plan.


To those of you who are the career driven types, you can decide to further your education by getting MSC (Masters) in the field of your choice. Search through accredited institutions before applying for your master’s program. Some will say no money to fund them. Common! there are lots of scholarship programs out there, if not full then half, you can just Google search through, apply and you might be lucky. It is okay to do your master’s degree program, but get this straight, if your sole purpose for doing masters is to get a high paying job, then you are heading for a shocker ‘cos guess what’? there are so many people with masters who are yet to get a job, talk less of good ones. So get certified in what you love and compliment it with something.

Post NYSC is a very sensitive period for ex-corp members; it is a period where most people have to make tough decisions. Although some people already have jobs even before they finished NYSC, they may still be making a huge mistake on either taking the job or not; this is because they may settle for the job without the aim of improving themselves. (i.e. they make themselves believe the salary is okay and that going for masters, and other courses will be challenging for them).

Some people already registered for their master’s degree program home and abroad before the end of NYSC. Most already got admission into the institutions where they applied. What about others who have nothing? People who cannot make decisions, people who can make decisions but have no money to start up something, or individuals who have started something but are still stagnant?
This stage -the post-NYSC stage- determines a lot in this age – whether to be prosperous or not, it all depends on you.

The most important things not getting just any job immediately, like some people think, (they settle for less and end with it). The most important aspect is developing you to meet up with the need of the world, the evolution of this century, the kind of brains required for the jobs available.

After NYSC, some ex-corp member goes home without developing themselves in their field/ other areas, waiting for a job like there won’t be an interview. Seriously? It ‘s not a good idea! This period is when you read, explore and become a jack of all trades. It is when you apply for any job applicable.

Don’t be choosy about jobs in this period and age; it is the worse mistake you will ever make as most organizations now set age limits during recruitment. A lady told me she can never apply for a police job. When I asked her why- she replied she just does not like it. Little did she know that she can apply for the job, maybe get connections to a better place, go for her master’s program and take care of herself.

The only thing you can do is apply then keep looking out for that dream job you desire, and make sure you don’t lose focus. Develop yourself in all areas and always have a plan.
While you are looking for a job, find something doing like small scale businesses, develop your talent and skills, and make an impact in people’s lives through teaching/tutorials. You can even be a lesson teacher for some children in your area, and you will be paid for it.

Most importantly, for people who can strive to be an entrepreneur. You can start a small scale business, then on a large scale. Be the employer of individuals. There are thousands of businesses one can do once there is enough money. The problem is some have the money but no ideas, some have ideas but no money.


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