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Story Time: All For You — Episode 36, 37, 38 & The End!! (SEASON 2)

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sean pulled over on a walkway west of the warehouse. He remained in the car, observing the warehouse, then something struck his attention; a man moved about pacing in circles, hands concealed in white overcoat, guards patrolling the roof.

Two on the ground. Acceptable, dealers are paranoid they always have protection. The guards were uniforms, something to identify them. But the man in overcoat wasn’t wearing a uniform. Sean understood the man was concealing a gun.

He was from DHC. Abu knew about the deal from his brother, a trap was set to capture Michael, make him unravel the identity of a man he secretly was! Or maybe the man was a special warehouse guard on the lookout for loaming trouble, certainly not a civilian. Whichever way, it’s dangerous for Gabriel and Ciara!

Instincts! Follow instincts! If it was truly a trap, then more DHC agents would be hiding somewhere. He have to find out!

Sean stepped out of the car, bowing his head, taking its body as cover. The car parked ahead was empty. He raced towards it understanding the importance of not being detected by the man in white over coats.

He leaned on the rear side of the car, the next car parked in the walkway was a blue sedan he could see two men in it.

They were silent, one looking out of the window, the other faced his front. Sean strained himself, stepped closer staring raptly at their faces. He should recognize DHC agents. But there was no stroke of facial familiarity.

He looked over the car, another car was parked in front of the warehouse, a man seated on its bonnet facing the south.

One of the men in blue sedan brought a phone to his ear. He didn’t speak, he lowered it exactly 5 seconds after.
A message was sent sean thought.

Five spit shots windows crashing. Short cries sudden silence. Screams and yelling of men, out of anguish. Pain. Sean was on alert. He removed a gun from under his belt, at the same time looking through the car window, in direction of the sounds.

The warehouse guards on the roof were shot. Dead. One was left on the ground….not any more. He was shot in the head, fountain of blood ejecting from his skull splattering on the floor even before he fell.

Dark horse agents. Affirmative.

Sean shot the sedan. Once. Throwing the two men in confusion. One stepped out instinctively. Sean shot in his direction.

One deadly head shot. The man collapsed. Bullets shattered the window above his head, other bullets penetrating the car, a little above his shoulder. He have been spotted, but it was the least of his concerns. DHC agents were rushing into the warehouse.

Gabriel!!! Ciara!!!

The second man was out of the sedan moving professionally beside the car.

Sean half turned. He remained immobile.

He saw a black substance from the side of his eye. A car was approaching from behind, men shooting from it.

The trap was a perfect shot. A well laid out plan. They were closing the circle on him.


‘do as i say, you would be fine’ Gabriel whispered.

‘ready?’ he asked.

The lady could only nod. Fear stricken, trembling, shaking like an epileptic. Who knows if she’d drenched her gown with pee?

Gabriel told her what to do. He’d told, he also elaborated the inevitable risks involved. It was safer than being at the mercy of the armed men who’d found their way into the warehouse.

The lady rose halfway. She ran wobbly out of the narrow alley between two cars where they were hiding towards another car parked metres away. The inevitable result came within seconds. The men parading the warehouse were attracted to her.

It was an advantage on Gabriel’s side as their attention were diverted he quickly shot twice. One dead, another badly injured.

More coming. He raced to the car, hopped in it and so did the lady. He drove out of the warehouse, heart in mouth as bullets riddled the car. The lady stooped under the front passenger seat, hands over her head.

Knocking a man out of the way, Gabriel scampered away. Two cars were on his tail. He sank into the street, cutting into highways, causing minor and major collisions between vehicles. He finally shook them off.

‘we can’t go on with this car. Take a cab from here. I don’t care how far your house is, change taxi twice’ said Gabriel raising two fingers to lay emphasis.

The lady flagged down a cab. He dialed Ciara’s line, it rang, she didn’t answer.


‘let her go! Its me you want not her!’

‘no, Michael, don’t listen to him’ Ciara fought to speak. Abu’s hand was over her neck, a gun pointed to her skull. They stood in the middle as DHC agents circled them.

‘you made the right choice, friend. Put down your weapon’

sean did, slowly.

‘kick it away’ he did.

‘now free her!’ said sean.

Abu signalled his men. They approached Michael.

‘let her go!’

Abu pushed her away. His men stepped closer

‘go. Far from here’ said sean.


‘oh c’mon. You heard me!’

they watched her leave, then DHC agents clutched on him. They handcuffed his hands. Abu grinned.

 Episode 37 

Gabriel watched the cab roll at constant speed. Going farther and farther away, sinking into other cars on the road till it was completely out of sight. The lady is free now. He could imagine the stream of joy flooding her heart. Replacing the fear of the unknown, of death.

It was the joy of a lady who’d escaped death by the skin of her teeth.

He stepped aside, out of the outright view of the street. He stood motionless in a deserted alleyway. Many thoughts running through his head, his heart pounding above normal. He wondered who those deadly men were, why the wanted to kill him.

He was certain they were not sent by the lady. It was evident in her eyes, besides he made sure she didn’t make or receive phone calls. It can’t be the warehouse guards either. The attackers were destroying warehouse properties, guards would do no such. It would be detrimental to their job.

Maybe he was in the wrong place at the wrong time, the warehouse may have been attacked by its enemies and things went out of proportion. Gabriel felt pangs of guilt as he thought of Ciara. He’d left her alone, in a den of wolves!

How selfish!

He had to go back, for her. Its the least he could do. A logical approach to helping a friend.

His cluster of thoughts were interrupted by the vibration of his ringing phone.

‘oh thank goodness you’re alright. I was just thinking of you’ He said.

‘are you mobile?’

‘i can get a cab if its necessary. Where are you?’

‘not a cab. Something heavier. Get an SUV, a truck, anything!’ gabriel picked elements of impatience in her voice as she spoke.

‘i’m lost here’ said Gabriel, factly.

‘michael is taken…’

‘what! Why?’

‘there is no time. I’ll explain later. There’s a saloon adjacent the warehouse. meet me there with the car. We don’t have five minutes’

‘what?’ Gabriel asked but it was too late. The line went flat. He pocketed his phone. He scanned the road instinctively, with quick eye movements. Sure that the coast was clear before stepping out of the alley.

‘we don’t have five minutes’ ‘michael’s taken!’ her words sank into him as he strolled on the road eyes travelling left to right. Searching for heavy cars. He saw none.

It appeared like a flash, vanished out of sight like it never did. But Gabriel caught a glimpse! A white hilux sped, across the street. Along with few other smaller cars. It was a T-road; Gabriel standing at its almost deserted base. The car wasn’t exactly what Ciara requested but it was way faster and heavier than a cab.

Ciara had a plan. He can’t afford to fail his role. Everything depended on it.

The hilux had branched into a side road, its view obstructed by houses. Perhaps a residential or delivery car. Gabriel thought as he jogged on a minor road, opposite the path of the hilux. He kept tabs on the car by glancing narrow passages between houses. The car had slowed down, its driver aware of the rules guiding minor road driving.

Gabriel halted beside a cream coloured building. Breathing hard. Trying to gain composure. The hilux was few seconds behind. He had to think fast. Come up with an idea in split seconds!

Fast! Fast! Fast! You don’t have five seconds!

Gabriel staggered to the middle of the road like a drunk who’d drank out his senses. The driver hooted repeatedly. He pulled the brakes since the drunk man seemed deaf.

‘hey drunk! Get out of the way’ the driver yelled, banging a hand on the side door. Gabriel staggered to the driver window.

The driver shove his head squeezing his nose funnily as if not to inhale smells of alcohol. By the time he turned back, a gun was pointed to his skull.

‘get out. Please’ Gabriel said. He hopped the dude obeyed peacefully. He didn’t want to hurt anyone; he was still battling with the blames of killing two people in one day! The thought of it made him feel like the criminal he hated to be.

‘out..’ gabriel stressed the word. He took two steps back, creating space for the middle aged driver to hop out. The middle aged man knelt on the asphalt, shaky hands behind his head as instructed.


‘who is sean stunts?’

‘you’re wasting your time’ said Michael.

Same reply. Abu thought. He slammed a fist against his other palm angrily. He walked to Michael he struck him on the left cheek with the back of his palm.

Michael spat on the floor of the mini van. smiled wryly.

‘is that the best you can do?’

‘don’t dare me, Michael’

‘so what if i do?’

‘i’ll kill you’

‘like hell you can’t. Your boss needs me alive. unhurt. Able to speak’ he paused for about i sec.

‘i guess i’ll disappoint him with that’ he said.

Abu removed an SP2022 from his inner pocket. Pointed the barrel to michael’s chest.

‘i’ve always wanted to do this’

‘here’s your chance. We’re all alone’ Michael replied. Knowing how defenseless he was with cuffs.

Abu had told the boss the success of the mission. Adewale wanted michael alive, but he cared less. He could fabricate a cover for mike’s death

 Episode 38 

‘you tried once and failed. If i were you i’ll be accurate. This would be your last chance’ michael said adjusting his seating position.

Abu sat opposite him arm stretched, holding a pistol.

He recalled the transaction with Evgeni. That ba.stard was incompetent enough to leave loopholes through which Michael survived. Michael’s return had been a pain in the butt in many ways. He would put a period to it. Himself. He raised the barrel to Michael’s head.

‘you can’t. You’re a weakling. A disgrace to dark horse corp’ Michael said. His voice slow and steady. He had a plan, the only way to execute it is to make Abu pull the trigger. He continued, ‘what do you think? Katarina would run into your arms after may death?’

He paused to shake his head. ‘the heart doesn’t work that way’

‘shut the hell up! You know nothing about hearts. You don’t have one’

‘because she stole it’ Michael replied. His response delivered its impact. Abu was obviously angered. His fingers tense around the pistol grip, the index finger pushing against the trigger.

Echoing sounds of gunshot reverberated in the camper. It was extremely loud because all openings were shut. At the same time the van was sliding, driver struggling to regain balance. It was knocked of balance by an external force.

Michael had timed exactly when Gabriel would shoot. He’d docked his head, the bullet went crashing into the metal frame behind. Abu crawled on the floor, rubbing his eyes gently michael had kicked him repeatedly, one kick on the g—n, the other on his cheek.

The van was moving haphazardly. Colliding with another car. Michael could hear gun shots from outside and inside too. Abu fired twice, in quick succession. Michael rolled on the floor. He sprang up in a flash. Held the iron rod above with his cuffed hands. Simultaneously he plunged his boots into Abu’s chest. He was late, abu dodged.

He stood sideways for brief seconds then approached Michael pummelling him with fists and kicks. There was little to what Michael could do. Half the strength of a warrior is in his hands. when a fighter’s hands are restricted, he become vulnerable.

Michael didn’t let that theory gain ground. He kept dodging the attacks and putting his legs to work as much as possible. He kicked Abu heavily on the abdomen.

Abu staggered back, hitting hard against the double fold door which flew open. It hadn’t dawn on them that the van had stopped moving and a gun battle ensued outside.

Ciara and Gabriel had intercepted the van. DHC agents were repelling them. Michael jumped out. He didn’t see Abu on the ground where he’d fell. He leaned beside the van, taking gentle steps. He stopped at the rearview mirror. He thought he’d seen a faint reflection of someone. Before he could register it, a hand swung over his face, covering his mouth and nose. The hand was clad in gloves.

‘ssssh’ the person said. Her other hand slipped a pin into Michael’s palm. ‘get out asap’ she said.

‘katarina?’ Michael whispered when she was gone.

After meeting at the library katarina had rid her camouflage hood and followed other DHC agents. She knew exactly what would happen if michael was taken to crystal.

Michael uncuffed himself with the pin. He angled himself to the right just when an iron bar was about to hit him. He’d seen the reflection via the rare view. He kicked the assailant on the knee, parting the person’s leg. Michael grabbed the hand, twisting it, wounding it on its owner’s neck. He involuntarily leaned on the van for support.

‘you had your last chance’ he said.

‘would you kill me?’

‘no. I was thinking of making you pay slowly, painfully’

michael answered.

He pushed Abu away and hopped into the van. dhc agents riddled the car with bullets as he drove to the next lane. Ciara and Gabriel got in the van swiftly, shooting as they did.


‘i can’t believe this. Where were the security personels when these chemicals were shipped in?’ President Alex yelled.

‘calm down sir.’

‘you don’t ask me to calm down. These are not just chemicals! They are bioweapons! Look, i wouldn’t permit any case of insurgency in my administration. Can you do the job or do i have to get someone else?’

sylvester was silent. He knew how disappointed the president would be when he read the reports. But the commander in chief deserved to be filled in. He’d detailed Alex on the recent discovery by agents Jones and Frank. Alex was more disappointed ’cause PSS didn’t know the whereabout of the trucks.

‘do you know the end of the tunnel?’ Ismail asked.

‘it ends in Ifeanyi chukwuma guest house’

‘the business tycoon?’ alex asked with utter surprise.


‘you think he have a hand in this?’

‘most likely, sir.’

‘i can’t believe a man with such position would betray his nation’

‘we shouldn’t jump into conclusions yet?

‘we’ll, arrest him. This is an executive order!’

‘he’s on a trip. Estimated ETA is tomorrow.’

‘get him as soon as he arrives’

 The End!! 

New story will start soonest… Watch out tomorrow for a new (story) episode… Don’t get it twisted, It’s going to be romantic, filled with action and suspense as usual. Your comments are important, The more comments we receive, the more i’ll boost up to drop more episodes daily. Thanks for the love!!

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