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Tech: All the changes and new features coming to your iPhone's camera in iOS 11 (AAPL)

You'll now be able to edit Live Photos.

The new editing tools and camera features in iOS 11 will make your iPhone shots feel more like DSLR photos.

There are exciting changes coming to your iPhone's camera.

The Apple iPhone's latest operating system, iOS 11, won't officially be available until this fall, but Apple gave us a look at what's coming (and what's currently available for developers to try).

When it comes to the camera, there are new editing tools and camera features that will make your iPhone shots feel more like DSLR photos.

While many of the changes will be available to all iPhone users, keep in mind that Apple's DSLR-like feature, Portrait mode, isn't available to everyone. Only those with an iPhone 7 Plus or (eventually) later have Portrait mode, so only those users will see some of the new tweaks.

Here's a look at all the new photo features in iOS 11:

Memories will be more intelligent — and more personalized.

Memories — the photo and video collections Apple automatically creates for you — will now be able to pick your best photos, eliminating things like people blinking or doubled up images.

iOS 11 will also include new types of memories for events like nights out, "TBTs," and anniversaries.

Live Photos will get new effects.

With iOS 11, Live Photos will get three new effects: Loop, bounce, and long exposure.

Loop replay the action in the shot over and over

Bounce will play the video forward then backward

Long exposure will blur anything moving within the frame like a DSLR camera.

You'll be able to edit Live Photos.

You'll now be able to enhance, crop, add filters, trim, and mute your Live Photos. Plus, Apple will give you the option to pick your own "key photo" as the main image.

Compression will be two times better, meaning you can store twice as many photos and videos.

Apple is adding new compression formats in iOS 11, which means you can store more photos and videos on your phone — Apple says you'll be able to save twice as many as before.

Your People folders will be more accurate and have a better look and feel.

Apple says iOS 11's will be able to more accurately identify the faces it sees, which means you should see fewer duplicate People folders for the same person. Plus, the groupings will now sync across all your devices.

Apple also tweaked the interface. Now, the key images will be bigger and you can choose the order of the folders.

Portrait mode will now look even more like a DSLR image.

Apple is making improvements to Portrait mode in iOS 11. The new software will have flash, HDR, and image stabilization, all of which will help you take portraits in low light.

Your camera is getting new built-in filters.

Apple is overhauling its camera filters with three new styles: Vivid, dramatic, and black and white.

The filters will have additional enhancements like "vivid warm" or "dramatic cool," and it will be easier to preview the filter with a slide-able strip under the image.

Your camera will be able to detect QR codes.

Your phone's camera will now be able to detect QR codes automatically, sending you a notification when it identifies the correct website.

Apple will also let developers access data from portrait mode so they can build their own filters.

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