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Intro: The is a most read story title DARK ROOM.

Author: Miss Faoziyah

The dark room  ~~~  Episode 1
 I was never surprised like I was today when I received my birthday present from Emeka,my best friend. He called it the best birthday present ever as he handed me the key to a certain dark room.

“Bro, I swear you no know how many people don beg for that key wey I gave you. Why is your face like that?”

Emeka said in his joking tone.

“I still don’t know what this key is for oo”

I said twisting the key in my hand.

“You see this key so,only trusted rich people who want to have fun,have it.

No need for me to dey explain jare,let’s go there”Emeka said before he rushed out. Why is he in such a hurry??

“Shina,Come out nah!”

I heard him shouting from the compound.

I picked my car keys and went out.

“Where are we going sef??” I asked for the hundredth time.

“We are there” Emeka said smiling.

I parked and we dropped down. I saw one tall building that looks normal and nothing is dark about it,in fact sef it is a coffee cafe.

“Is this the dark room,you are talking about??”

“Shh,people don’t know about it openly ,let’s go”

He said and dragged me into the shop.

He greeted the waitress and went straight to stairs,when we are at the topmost floor,he opened the door with a key like my own, and that was when it started.

The worst place I have ever been,my mouth was opened wide as I processed everything.

The room is filled with people men and ladies all alike,some dancing,some are smoking and others were having sex. I looked around,lots of sex!!some girls were dancing naked while the guys watched.

This is a definition of sin room,alcohol,hard drugs and different sex instruments.

Emeka tapped me ” this is the place where rich working men like us have fun…even married ones.”

“Emeka,this place is crazy,I can’t stay”

I turned to leave.

“Come on now,bro. Stop behaving like a child, enjoy yourself. It’s your birthday after all.”

I thought for a while and decided to stay,at least while praying EFCC doesn’t storm into the place and arrest us all,I have to protect my image as owner of the biggest industry in Nigeria and one of the richest bachelors in the country.

Who knew there was a place like this in Ikeja.

I sat down and that was when I saw her, the woman of my dreams,expect this is hardly the right place. I dream of meeting her in a library,a workshop or in an elevator.

She was on stage,singing and dancing. She was wearing a short shiny gown,her lips red and oh god! She was pretty….perfect infact.

She sings well too,and I noticed everyone was looking at her. She must be a stripper too as I noticed her smiling as guys flirt with her. She is totally in love with the place.

“Shina,have you found a girl you want?”

Emeka asked

I smiled and pointed at her “I want that girl on stage”

Emeka chuckled and said”Goodluck friend but that girl is a tough nut ooo”

He whistled at a girl and she came,he took her hand and they left.

What did he mean that she is a tough nut, if she is expensive I got the money to spend!.

 EPISODE 2 ~~~ The Dark Room

I noticed her coming down the stage and walked up to her
I said.
She turned and smiled.”hi”
“Nice song”

She started to walk away
I touched her arm to stop her
She glared at me”what’s wrong?”

“My name is Shina,can I know yours? ”
I asked calmly.

“No,you can’t. Shina or whatever your name is, I’m not in the mood for talks”she said rudely.

“I thought…..”

“That I am a prostitute right?”she asked,with wide eyes.

“No,I’m not saying that”I try to correct her.

“Well,that is what everyone says” she said rolling her eyes.
“I just thought you are here to have fun too”

“Well,Mr Shina, not everybody thinks about fun.
Some of us think about what to eat,you know?”

“I’m sorry,what are you trying to say?”I asked

“I’m here to work,and if you don’t mind,I’m done here.”She said before walking away.

I watched her go. I’m not ready for drama in my life too,and the girl I’m sure is full of drama.

I sat down and poured myself a drink.

The dark room  ~~~  Episode 3

I can’t wait for Emeka any longer, despite invitations from several girls,something is missing!
This place is getting full and the time is 12:15am I have to leave.
I left and was about to drive off when I heard a sound coming from a dark corner.
I dropped down and went to check it out.

I saw two guys struggling with a girl,it looks like they were assaulting her.

“Leave her now before I call the police and get you arrested” I said in a steel voice.

“Who are you to tell us what to do?”
One of the guys came out into the light and said.

I punched him and was about to kick him when the two of them scrambled away. I quickly went to check the girl who was still on the floor.
“Hey,are you okay?” I asked.

She looked up at me. Huff … It’s the dark room girl!!!

“What are you doing here,I thought you were going home?”

“I was, until those guys attacked me.” She said in between tears.

“You shouldn’t work in a place like this. It’s not safe.”

“Mr Shina, I don’t have the luxury of choosing where I work,you know”she shouted.

I watched her silently.

“I’m sorry for shouting at you,it’s not your fault my life is like this.”

I helped her up,”apology accepted.”


I asked.

“I mean,my name is Kemi”
She said quietly.

I smiled “well Kemi, it’s nice to meet you. Now let’s get home, Kemi”

*hey guys,let me know if you are enjoying this story please*

Episode 4 ~~~ The Dark Room

He took me to his house, and I was too dizzy to object. Strangely I kind of trust him.

“Well,Kemi this is my house and please feel comfortable”he said.

I look around
“Wow! Mr Shina,your house is beautiful”
It looks like those houses in films. Big,spacious and well decorated.

“Thanks,but the sister made it like this. She said it looks more of a home now”he said smiling.

“She did a good job,it’s lovely.”
I said still amazed.

“Kemi,I want you to rest,come with me to the guest room. Take a shower and rest. I will take you home tomorrow.”

“Thanks, Mr Shina. I’m grateful”

“Just call me Shina”

I smiled.

He took me to the room and left me to rest.
After I showered and change into the shirt he brought for me. I realized my phone is dead and I’m sure Lydia has been trying my number.
I have to charge it so I can call her.

I stepped out of the room and tried to find Shina. The house is big,I almost got lost but finally, I found it.
His room!
It was a bit open and he was just taking off his shirt..and he’s got a nice body.
I quickly knocked and he came out,still not wearing any shirt.
I tried to peel my eyes off his chest as he is giving me wild thoughts.

“Kemi,what’s wrong?” He asked looking worried.

I just noticed how handsome he is,he’s got it all. Good looks,Wealth and he is very nice too.

“Hey,Kemi. What is it?”

I realized I was lost in thoughts.
“Huh,sorry. I just wanted to charge my phone”
I said and handed him the phone.

“Okay,anything else?
Are you hungry??”he asked.

“No,I’m not”
Then my stomach decided to give its answer too.
So embarrassing!

“Well,I think your stomach thinks in a different way.
Come let me make you something to eat”

He make way for the kitchen.


He made me noodles and as we sat down to eat,I said
“So you know how to cook?”

“Of course,my mom made sure my brother and I learn”he said laughingly.

“Nice to hear,most rich men don’t bother cooking for themselves,you know” I also said relaxed.

“Yes,I do.
My friend,Emeka never cooks by himself. He have a maid who takes care of all that”

“A good life for him”

“So,anybody who is going to worry if you don’t go home?”

“Just my friend, Lydia”

“Your parents?”

“My dad is dead and my mom stays in the village” I said quietly.

“I’m sorry for your loss” he said.

“I’ve never seen you before in the dark room, was today your first time?”

“Yep, my friend Emeka took me there. I don’t feel comfortable there but I don’t regret going”


“Because I met you”he said.

I blushed but quickly hide it.
I didn’t say anything and continued eating.

When I was done,I dropped my plate in the basin and was washing it.
He came behind me”did I offend you with what I said?”

“No” I quickly turned and face him”not at all,I was just thinking about something”

“Can I know what that is?”

“Men in the dark room are scaring. They think women are toys to be played with” I said truthfully.

“Well,I’m not like that,Kemi.
In fact I think highly of you.
You are pretty and smart and I’m sure you have a good heart”

I blushed
“Thank you, no man have ever complimented me like this”

“Well,I can do that everyday if you let me”
He moved closer to me and lowered his head.
I don’t know what is wrong with me,but I really wanted him to kiss me.
Despite all,I’m not ready to start a relationship yet.
“Sorry,Shina. I am really tired. Let me go to bed now.


I quickly ran back upstairs.

Episode 6 Loading………

Content Credit: Ms Faouziya

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