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WOW! World’s first head transplant surgery will be carried on first quarter of 2018.

The world’s first head transplant surgery is goingto happen on next year, at first, it sounds like a

fiction, but this is happening in reality. This surgery is happening in December this year, first, a Russian volunteer (Valery Spiridonov ) is accepted to take part in this surgery as a patient but now he declined to take part. Now, this

surgery is happening with a new Chinese Volunteer. The date is not fixed for the surgery, but it is expected this surgery will happen in the first quarter of 2018.

Who’s gonna take the risk?

The first patient who is going to take part in this operation is a Russian person named Valery
Spiridonov suffers from Werdnig-Hoffmann Disease, a genetic disorder that breaks down
muscles and kills nerve cells located in the brain
and spinal cord thus making him unable to walk.
Right now, he is in a wheelchair and move his chair by a joystick and only perform feeding himself.


This Russian guy is working with Dr. Canavero for
approximately two years to get the operation, and
now he is not going for this head transplant
surgery because Doctors are not sure that he will
be fine and can walk again after the operation.
The operation is not providing any guarantee that he would live. He said in a statement that he is now going for an alternative spinal surgery to change the life.

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